3 Ways Rehabilitation Centers For Mental Health Treat Anxiety And Depression Caused By Rejection In Women

Brookhaven retreat understands that emotional breakage hinders a woman’s ability to develop normal emotional systems of coping with everyday stress. Humans have a deep-seated need to belong, and feeling rejected can take a toll on a woman’s sense of self-worth.

Whether it be in life, love or work, every woman experiences rejection at some point in her life. Avoiding rejection is impossible: therefore it is crucial that women understand how to positively manage the anxiety and depression that naturally follow suit. At Brookhaven Retreat women are given the support and life management tools needed to cope with disappointment and rejection.

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Here are three tools that women in private rehabilitation centers are taught in order to better cope with anxiety and depression triggered by rejection.

  • 1. Rejection brings opportunity: It is important for women to recognize the opportunities that rejection can bring. It can be easy for a woman to fall into the unhealthy habit of replaying, “what could have been” if she had been accepted. To break this cycle of hopelessness, she must challenge herself to focus on “what can now be”, and direct her thoughts toward the positive opportunities produced by painful rejection.

    2. Learn from it. Rejection can be a chance for a woman to refine herself and her talents. This is often referred to as constructive criticism, and is imperative in professional and daily life. Just as teachers give feedback on schoolwork, rejection can be a forum for growth. It is important for women to recognize rejection as a chance to hone their skills. Doing so allows them to move forward and seize the next opportunity.

    3. Rejection is not a reflection of who she is. Self-empowerment is fundamental for women in order to appreciate that rejection is not an indication of who she is. When a woman feels confident in whom she is and what she has to offer, she doesn’t internalize rejection as a reflection of her value. At Brookhaven Retreat, rebuilding self-worth is achieved through exploring emotional breakage that has damaged the way a woman views her worth. Discovering the reason why women fail to effectively cope with rejection is the starting point in the process of acquiring the skills needed to manage anxiety and depression caused by rejection.

    Brookhaven Retreat, a private rehabilitation center, gives women the tools needed to successfully cope with rejection and the resulting depression and anxiety During treatment, women learn the skills needed to feel empowered and manage emotions positively.

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